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M51, M27, M63 and NGC6384

M51, M27, M63 and NGC6384
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7/7~7/19 2018
with 30cm Newtonian F5 and ZWO ASI 294 PRO COOL
Exposure 15 sec/frame, Total cumulative exp. 30~60 minutes

IC 342 intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis

IC 342 intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis 高ヒット
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from Sunnyvale CA on 2016/12/4~5
Type: SAB(rs)cd
Orion 10 inch Austrograph of 1000mm FL
27 frames (ISO: 800) - total exposure: 27 mn 0 s
Dark: 10 frames (ISO : 800) exposure: 1 mn 0 s
Dark Flat: 10 frames (ISO : 1600) exposure: 30 s
Flat: 10 frames (ISO: 1600) exposure: 30 s
9 frames (ISO: 800) - total exposure: 18 mg step 2 ->n 0 s
Dark: Dark: 10 frames (ISO : 800) exposure: 2 mn 0 s
Dark Flat: same
Flat: same

IC 348 Nebula, star forming region in the constellation Perseus

IC 348 Nebula, star forming region in the constellation Perseus高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2016-12-6 6:31    
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from Sunnyvale CA on 2016/12/2~3
VC200L at 1240mm with reducer
116 frames (ISO: 1600) - 3 hr 52 mn 0 s
Dark: 35 frames (ISO : 1600) exposure: 2 mn 0 s
Dark Flat: 15 frames (ISO : 1600) exposure: 1/49 s
Flat: 20 frames (ISO: 1600) exposure: 1/49 s

NGC 147 and 185, members of the Local Galaxy Group 局所銀河群

NGC 147 and 185, members of the Local Galaxy Group 局所銀河群高ヒット
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NGC 147 and 185 are irregular galaxies associated with M31
From Sunnyvale CA
VC200L, guided with 400mm Tube and Meade DSI PRO II on CGEM,
Camera: EOS 6D
33 frames (ISO: 3200) 1 hr 6mn 0s
Dark: 14 frames (ISO : 3200) 2 mn 0 s
Dark Flat: 15 frames (ISO : 3200) 1/790 s
Flat: 19 frames (ISO: 3200) 1/790 s

NGC 6951

NGC 6951高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2016-11-5 18:53    
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A typical barred spiral galaxy of relatively young ages in the Constellation Cepheus
11/2/16 3:00x32 1hr36min ISO1600 EOS-TSI 19;45~23:15,
11/3/16 1:00x52 0hr52min ISO6400 EOS-6D  21:20~23;03,
11/4/16 1:00x68 1hr08min ISO6400 EOS-6D  20:01~23:31
from Sunnyvale CA,
VC200L FL=1800mm on CGEM
Orion FL400mm, Diameter 80mm Guide scope, Meade DSI PRO II camera
About NGC 6951(from Wikipedia, in German)
Type Balkspiraalstelsel (SBbc)
Rechte klimming 20u37m14,0s
Declinatie (Epoche 2000) 66° 06' 21"
Magnitude 11,0 mag
Afstand 56 × 10^6 lichtjaar  5千6百万光年
Schijnbare afmeting 3,9' × 3,2'

IC5146 Cocoon Nebula まゆ星雲

IC5146 Cocoon Nebula まゆ星雲高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2016-10-7 7:25    
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VC200L, 1800mm,F9.0,EOS Rebel XSI、ISO1600,、
2Min30Sec/Frame x100、Darks 15, Flats20

NGC772 渦巻き銀河(非棒状)

NGC772 渦巻き銀河(非棒状)高ヒット
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from sunnyvale CA on 11/17/2015
Orion 10inch Aperture F/3.9 Newton with GSO coma corrector and Canon EOS XSi ISO1600
2Min x 60 枚=120分 3XDrizzle

NGC7635 Bubble Nebula バブル星雲 カシオペヤ座

NGC7635 Bubble Nebula バブル星雲 カシオペヤ座高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-11-6 19:33    
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11/6/2015, from Sunnyvale CA
Orion 11 inch Astrograph 1 min x 30 subs
Darks 15, Flats and Dark-Flats 20 and 20.

Several Galaxies belonging to the Local Galactic Group

Several Galaxies belonging to the Local Galactic Group高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-10-31 7:25    
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IC1613  irregular dwarf galaxy in the constellation Cetus 不規則矮小銀河 くじら座

IC1613 irregular dwarf galaxy in the constellation Cetus 不規則矮小銀河 くじら座高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-10-9 6:41    
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from Sunnyvale CA
VC200L at 1800mmFl + EOS XSi
ISO1600, 4.5 hour exposure at 3 min/sub

IC10 Image Comparison (0.2m Cassegrein, 4m Ritchey Chretien, 8.2 m Scope)

IC10 Image Comparison (0.2m Cassegrein, 4m Ritchey Chretien, 8.2 m Scope) 高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-9-27 6:12    
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From left to right, the images of IC10 with 0.2m Cassegrain, 4m Ritchey Chretien, 8.2 m Aperture  Scope.
The Cassegrain captured 19~19.5 magnitude stars under the SQM 18.6 light pollution.
(1)0.2m口径、6時間露光で どれくらい情報を集めてるかは興味があるところなので結果を、(2)4m口径 RC、(3)8.2m口径の望遠鏡による「IC10」と比べてみました。(3)実力が出てるかどうかはわかりません。 


IC10 Star Burst Irregular Dwarf Galaxy, スターバースト不規則矮小銀河

IC10 Star Burst Irregular Dwarf Galaxy, スターバースト不規則矮小銀河高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-9-25 7:12    
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Shot from Sunnyvale California USA on 9/21~22/2015
Scope and Camera: Vixen VC200L 1800mm FL + EOS Rebel XSI IR- modified
5 hours 45 minutes cumulative exposure at ISO1600 and 3 min/sub,
guided with 400mm scope with Meade DSI Pro II,
stacked with DSS with 2X Drizzle,
camera control and dithering  with PHD2 and  ImagePlus 5.75,
processed with PS CS5, Noise Ninja, Starshrink

IC10, in the constellation Cassiopeia, belongs to the Local Group Galaxies, comprising of Andromeda Galaxy M31, Triangulum Galaxy M33, our Milkyway Galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud, etc.


M17 Omega Nebula

M17 Omega Nebula高ヒット
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Merging two shots, one taken on July 2010 ( ISO 3200 1.5 min x few subs) and another on August 2015 (ISO1600  3 min x 2 subs). A luminance image is created from both the 2010 and the 2015 images. The RGB image is generated out of the 2015 shots.


投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-8-23 21:05    
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8/22/2015 from Sunnyvale CA
ISO1600 3min x 17 subs

NGC6820 and NGC6823

NGC6820 and NGC6823高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-8-13 6:32    
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NGC 6820 is an emission nebula that surrounds open cluster NGC 6823 in Vulpecula, near M27, the Dumbbell Nebula. The nebula NGC 6820 is also called Sharpless catalog Sh 2-86.
Light 3MinX28Subs


NGC6834 高ヒット
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NGC 6384 barred spiral galaxy located about 60 million light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. SAB(r)bc,
inclined by an angle of 47°,

NGC 6384 is now classified as a transition object (T2), which is thought to be a LINER-type galaxy whose emission-line spectra is contaminated by H II regions in the nucleus.


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NGC 5846 ist eine elliptische Galaxie und liegt im Sternbild Jungfrau. Sie hat eine Winkelausdehnung von 4,1' × 3,8' und eine scheinbare Helligkeit von 10,1 mag. Die Galaxie wurde am 24. Februar 1786 von William Herschel entdeckt.

銀河列の一部 乙女の足元付近
Light=3MinX22枚、Dark,Flat,Dark-Flat それぞれ15〜20枚くらい


投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-6-27 12:17    
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from Sunnyvale CA, 6/27/2015
VC200L+Reducer and EOS Rebel XSi
3 min x 10 subs, 30 dark, 20 flat, 20 flat-dark
superimposed with the shot taken in 2011 from Santa Cruz Maintain area:
1 min x 10 subs, 20 dark and 20 flat


投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-6-25 5:45    
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from Sunnyvale CA USA on 7/10~11/2015
VC200L+reducerand EOS XS2
3 min x 64 subs = 3 hours 12 minutes
30 dark 20 flat 20 flat dark 2X Drizzle


投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-6-25 5:39    
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1.5 min exposure, 136 subs, 30 dark and 20 flat, 20 flat dark
from Sunnyvale CA USA

NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula

NGC2392 Eskimo Nebula高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-2-19 17:23    
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VC200L 1800mm FL and EOS XSI at ISO1600
10 darks and 15 lights
3min x 10 subs


投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-2-16 7:09    
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VC200L 1800mm FL and EOS XSI at ISO1600
10 darks and 15 flats
3min x 200 subs

NGC1514 Planetary Nebula

NGC1514 Planetary Nebula 高ヒット
投稿者nobuournobuour さんのメンバーフォトをもっと!   前回更新2015-2-16 6:46    
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VC200L 1800mm FL and EOS XSI at ISO1600
10 darks and 15 lights
3min x 60 subs

NGC 1514 is a planetary nebula that was discovered by William Herschel on November 13, 1790, describing it "A most singular phaenomenon" and forcing him to rethink his ideas on the construction of the heavens. Up until this point Herschel was convinced that all nebulae consisted of masses of stars too remote to resolve, but now here was a single star "surrounded with a faintly luminous atmosphere." He went on to conclude "Our judgement I may venture to say, will be, that the nebulosity about the star is not of a starry nature".
It has since been conjectured that the nebula in fact envelops a tightly orbiting double star with a period of up to 10 days. Gas is presumably expanding away from the larger star of the pair.
NGC 1514 is also known as Crystal Ball Nebula.
ルボシュ・コホーテク(Luboš Kohoutek、1935年1月29日 - )はチェコの天文学者。多くの彗星、小惑星を発見した。
モラヴィアのZábřehに生まれた。ブルノとプラハの大学で物理学と天文学を学んだ後、チェコスロバキア科学アカデミーの天文学研究所で働いた。1967年にルボシュ・ペレクと1036の惑星状星雲を収録したカタログを出版した。ドイツのハンブルク天文台で働き、1968年のチェコ事件が起こると、ドイツに留まることを決めた。1970年代にコホーテク彗星 (C/1973 E1)などの発見で有名になった。その後スペインやチリの天文台で惑星状星雲の観測を行い、2001年に引退した。
多くの彗星の発見が最も有名である。大彗星になると期待されたコホーテク彗星 (C/1973 E1)のほか発見した彗星には、周期彗星の75P/コホーテク彗星 (75P)、76P/ウェスト・コホーテク・池村彗星がある。
またアポロ群の(1865) Cerberusを含む75の小惑星を発見した。

Title: A study of planetary nebula NGC 1514. I. The double-star hypothesis for the planetary nucleus based on photoelectric photometry
Authors: Kohoutek, L.
Journal: Bulletin of the Astronomical Institute of Czechoslovakia, vol. 18, p.103
Bibliographic Code: 1967BAICz..18..103K

Title: A study of planetary nebula NGC 1514. II. Spectroscopic investigation of the central star
Authors: Kohoutek, L. & Hekela, J.
Journal: Bulletin of the Astronomical Institute of Czechoslovakia, vol. 18, p.203

A study of planetary nebula NGC 1514. III. Isophotic contours and the spatial model of the nebula
Kohoutek, L.
Bulletin of the Astronomical Institute of Czechoslovakia, vol. 19, p.285

Michael E. Ressler1, Martin Cohen2, Stefanie Wachter3, D. W. Hoard3, Amy K. Mainzer1, and Edward L. Wright4
1 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109, USA;
2 Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy, 200 8th Street, Marina, CA 93933, USA
3 Spitzer Science Center, California Institute of Technology, 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA
4 UCLA Astronomy, P.O. Box 951547, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA
Received 2010 August 13; accepted 2010 September 20; published 2010 November 9
We report the discovery of a pair of infrared, axisymmetric rings in the planetary nebula NGC 1514 during the
course of theWISE all-sky mid-infrared survey. Similar structures are seen at visible wavelengths in objects such as
the “Engraved Hourglass Nebula” (MyCn 18) and the “Southern Crab Nebula” (Hen 2-104). However, in NGC 1514
we see only a single pair of rings and they are easily observed only in the mid-infrared. These rings are roughly
0.2 pc in diameter, are separated by 0.05 pc, and are dominated by dust emission with a characteristic temperature of
160 K.We compare the morphology and color of the rings to the other nebular structures seen at visible, far-infrared,
and radio wavelengths, and close with a discussion of a physical model and formation scenario for NGC 1514.
Key words: infrared: stars – planetary nebulae: individual (NGC 1514) – surveys


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VC200L 1800mm FL and EOS XSI at ISO1600
10 darks and 15 flats
3min x 60 subs


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IC 342 is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis. It can readily be detected even with binoculars. The dust of the Milky Way makes it difficult to determine the precise distance; modern estimates range from about 7 Mly to about 11 Mly. from Wikipedia

IC 342は、きりん座の銀河である。この銀河は地球より700万光年離れている。また、銀河赤道の近くに位置している。塵による掩蔽は、アマチュアや天文学者が観察する事を困難にしている[1]。
IC 342は、マフェイ銀河群(局部銀河群に最も近い銀河群の1つ)の中で最も明るい2つの銀河のうちの1つである。この銀河は1895年にウィリアム・デニングによって発見された。エドウィン・ハッブルは、当初は局部銀河群に属していると考えたが、後年この銀河は局部銀河群の外にある事がわかった。
1935年にハーロー・シャプレーは、この銀河の見かけの大きさ(角直径)は、アンドロメダ銀河(M31)やさんかく座銀河(M33)に次いで3番目に大きく、満月よりも広い、と発表した。なお、この順位は大マゼラン雲や小マゼラン雲を含めていない。この銀河は、H II核を持つ。


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EOS XSi 2minx45,ISO1600

NGC7217 in the Constellation Pegusus

NGC7217 in the Constellation Pegusus高ヒット
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遠い銀河で研究されてて面白くて、見栄えもよくて自分が撮れそうなのはそんなにないみたい。気をいれて3時間露光。NGC7217を撮りました。2分x90枚。機材は同じ。画像処理に悪戦苦闘。以下の Adam Blockのアリゾナからの写真はすばらしい。NGC7217もペガサスにあり、一見楕円銀河、本当はSaの渦巻き銀河

NGC7814  in the Constellation  Pegasus

NGC7814 in the Constellation Pegasus 高ヒット
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今回はNGC7814。天体写真の大御所、アメリカ天体写真の会長、Ken Crawfordの7814とブルーに輝く7等星HD225001(以下のURL参照)が素晴らしいので、光害地からの「庭トリ」でどれだけゆくかやってみました。7814はリトル・ソンブレロと呼ばれる。M104・ソンブレロ銀河と似てる。
撮影:VC200L+Reducer 200mm diameter, 1260mmFL,EOS XSi ISO1600, 2 min x 40 subs=80min, flats and darks

NGC 7026 Planetary Nebula

NGC 7026 Planetary Nebula高ヒット
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from Sunnyvale CA USA
1min x 40 + 3min x 5 sub-frames, dark and flat
Vc200L w/o reducer (F/9 FL 1800) ISO1600
NGC 7026 is a planetary nebula located 6000 light years away, in the constellation of Cygnus. from Wikipedia

NGC 6503 in Draco

NGC 6503 in Draco高ヒット
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from Sunnyvale CA USA
3min x 30sub-frames, dark and flat
Vc200L with reducer (F/6.3 FL 1260mm)
NGC 6503 is a dwarf spiral galaxy located in a region of space called the Local Void. It spans 30,000 light-years and lies approximately 17 million light-years away in the constellation of Draco (the Dragon). from Wikipedia

NGC 7026 Cheeseburger Nebula チーズバーガー星雲

NGC 7026 Cheeseburger Nebula チーズバーガー星雲高ヒット
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NGC 7026 also called
"The Swan and the butterfly" nebula (白鳥と蝶 星雲)
from Sunnyvale CA USA
1min x 40 + 3min x 5 sub-frames, dark and flat
VC200L w/o reducer (F/9 FL 1800) ISO1600
NGC 7026 is a planetary nebula located 6000 light years away, in the constellation of Cygnus. from Wikipedia
A Hubble photo is shown in the third photo.

NGC 6822

NGC 6822高ヒット
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Barnard Galaxy
5 min x 20 subs

NGC 5921

NGC 5921高ヒット
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5 min x 12 subs

NGC 7023

NGC 7023高ヒット
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Iris Nebula
5 min x 13 subs

M20 三裂星雲 

M20 三裂星雲 高ヒット
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VC200L at 1800mm FL, EOS REBEL XSI
ISO1600 3min x 19 subs
7/4/2014 Sunnyvale CA

NGC 5248

NGC 5248高ヒット
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same gadgets as being used for M20
1.5 min x 40 subs

The Cocoon Galaxy (NGC 4490) and NGC4485

The Cocoon Galaxy (NGC 4490) and NGC4485 高ヒット
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from Sunnyvale California USA
Telescope: Vixen VC200L F/9 1800mm FL with IDAS LPS-P2 filter.
4.5 hour total exposure at 3 min/sub-frame,
30 subframes (ISO3200, EOS 1100D on 5/26),
60 subframes (ISO1600, EOS 450D on 5/27),
8 dark and 15 flat frames.
Both cameras are self modified.
The scope was guided with Orion 400mm tube and PHD guiding.
The images were stacked with DSS,
processed with Photoshop CS5 and sharpened with ImagePlus V5.75.

りょうけん座 まゆ銀河(NGC4490)とNGC4485 −デジダル天体写真投稿の Timeline保存。 
The Cocoon Galaxy (NGC 4490) and NGC4485
Vixen VC200L F/9.0、1800mm 焦点距離, 3分/コマ、4.5時間露光
30コマ(ISO3200,EOS−X50 5/25)
60コマ(ISO1600,EOS−X2 5/26)
時差ボケならぬ、時差ー目パッチリ なので、長焦点・長時間の撮影です。
いまひとつの解像度で内部のフィラメントが鮮明にでなくて残念。シーイングが悪いのか、口径のせいか、追尾誤差か? とにかく、M51に匹敵する複雑さ、美しさの天体と思う。
板垣さん、NGC 4490 銀河に超新星を発見

NGC1499 California Nebula

NGC1499 California Nebula高ヒット
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Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 with EOS Rebel T3 on fixed tripod (NO EQ Mount)
F/1.4 ISO800, 11 seconds x 20 subframes

Orion Region

Orion Region高ヒット
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Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 with EOS Rebel T3 on fixed tripod (NO EQ Mount)
F/1.4 ISO3200, 3 seconds x 200 subframes
from Sunnyvale CA USA

M82 and supernova SN2013J

M82 and supernova SN2013J高ヒット
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Supernova SN2014J in M82, The Ciigar Galaxy from Sunnyvale CA USA on 1/24/2014 00:00 AM PST
全天薄い千切れ雲でだめかなと思ったのですが、写りました。鮮明ではありませんが、しょうがありません。さらに1時間、Lumicon Haで撮影。腕のせいかHaの赤がでませんので、たなざらし。
ISO3200, 90 seconds/subframe, 40 frames (1 hour cumulative exposure),
VC200L 1800mm Focal Length, EOS KISS X50, IR modded. IDAS LPS-P2 filter

IC2118 Witch Head Nebula 魔女の横顔星雲

IC2118 Witch Head Nebula 魔女の横顔星雲高ヒット
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Sigma Zoom 150-500mm at 500mm,
EOS Rebel T3,ISO3200,  90 seconds, 40 frames
Sunnyvale CA


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EOS REBEL T3, ISO3200, 2 minutes, 30 frames,
Sunnyvale CA

NGC925 さんかく座

NGC925 さんかく座高ヒット
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宇宙には数え切れない天体があり、それぞれが興味深いわけで、自分が知らない天体をいつも追いかけてる天文趣味人もいます。わたしの知り合いは2〜3年前NGCの眼視で、今まで9000のNGC天体を見た、1万になったら止めるとのことでした。もう達成したかも知れません。そういう影響もあってなるべく自分の知らない天体に着目して、写真も撮ってます。今回、棒状銀河に興味がでて、さんかく座のNGC925に着目です。この銀河非対称で、右側と左側の腕の物理的特性がえらく違うのです。2000年に出た論文のアブストラクトです。ウイスコンシン大学天文学科とIBMのWatson研究所、なんとまだあったんですねーIBMさん失礼、の研究員の共著です。わたしの撮影はVC200L+Reducer, EOSーKISS X50, 赤外改造、ISO3200、2分、40コマ、積算で80分です。積算時間がまだ不十分。天体写真よりは天体そのものの話しですので、こちらに投稿です。
Structure and Star Formation in NGC 925 D.J. Pisano and Eric M. Wilcots
Dept. of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin、Bruce G. Elmegreen IBM Research Division, T.J. Watson Research Center, August 2000 Astronomical Journal

WIYN 3.5メートル望遠鏡を用いたNGC925の恒星&スター形成特性の光学研究の結果
B V R & H 画像 によると、 銀河は明らかに非対称。等輝度線から、バーのセンターが全体の中心と一致していないことを発見。等輝度線のフィットから バーのセンターは外延部の等輝度線の中心にも、力学中心にも(ピサーノら1998より)一致しない。スパイラルアームを切ってみると、北側の腕が南側の腕とははっきりに異なっていて、南側のアームでは、恒星とH の輻射のピークのコヒーレンスが高く、HI分布のものと一致するが、北のディスクにはそのようなコヒーレンスは存在しない。我々はまた、NGC 925の大規模な星形成のためのガスの面密度を検討し、その挙動が後期型スパイラルより、不規則銀河のそれと一致していることがわかった。特に、星形成が、表面密度が後期型スパイラルでの星形成の臨界ガスの半径を超えてところでも起こっている。このような特性は、マゼランのスパイラルの特徴であるが、NGC925には 、後期型スパイラルにもかかわらず、一定程度存在することが解った。
一般的説明は Wikipediaにあります。
We present the results from an optical study of the stellar & star formation properties of NGC925 using the WIYN 3.5m telescope. Images in B,V,R, & H_ reveal a galaxy that is fraught with asymmetries. From isophote fits we discover that the bar center is not coincident with the center of the outer isophotes nor with the dynamical center (from Pisano et al. 1998). Cuts across the spiral arms reveal that the northern arms are distinctly different from the southern arm. The southern arm not only appears more coherent, but the peaks in stellar and H_ emission are found to be coincident with those of the H I distribution, while no such consistency is present in the northern disk. We also examine the gas surface density criterion for massive star formation in NGC 925, and find that its behavior is more consistent with that for irregular galaxies, than with late-type spirals. In particular, star formation persists beyond the radius at which the gas
surface density falls below the predicted critical value for star formation for late-type spirals. Such properties are characteristic of Magellanic spirals, but are present at a less dramatic level in NGC 925, a late-type spiral.

NGC 7380 Wizard Nebula

NGC 7380 Wizard Nebula 高ヒット
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Part of Virgo Cluster NGC4473(top),4461(down left),4458(down,right),4438,4435,4406,4402

Part of Virgo Cluster NGC4473(top),4461(down left),4458(down,right),4438,4435,4406,4402高ヒット
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Veil Nebula  NGC6992~5 網状星雲

Veil Nebula NGC6992~5 網状星雲 高ヒット
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Skysurvey.orgによる天の川画像で見ると、この東側の網状星雲は結構明るそうで、光害地からの撮影(3等星まで見える)でも浮かび出るかもしれない。ということで、冷却なし、自分で改造のEOS KISS X2とバイサック(VC200L)で撮影した。ISO1600,2分露光/コマ、30コマをDSSでスタック、Photoshop CS5,XGradientTerminator,Calboni Tools,で画像処理。この星雲、超新星爆発の残滓で、網状ということだが、網というよりはよった綱に見える。三次元形状がさっぱり分らないが、網ではなさそう。

Antares Region アンタレス近傍

Antares Region アンタレス近傍高ヒット
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さそり座の赤い星アンタレス近傍, 北カリフォルニアより 6/28/2013
Antares Region, shot from Sunnyvale California
ISO1600, 20 seconds/frame, 120 frames, cumulative exposure of 40 minutes 
Nikkor 50mm Standard Lens,
Camera EOS KISS X2 (Rebel XSi) on EQ mount
Halpha image, generated with 40 frames of 40 seconds exposure with Lumicon Ha filter and IDAS KLPS-P2 combined as an effective Ha filter 
正式には「へびつかい座ロー(ギリシャ文字のρ)星雲複合体、Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex」で、ロー星は写真の白っぽい星雲の左中心の星。ロー星とその周りと東(左)に流れる暗黒帯が活動的な星形成の領域だそうで、研究対象として着目されてる天体。赤い領域は見た目華やかだがただ輝いてるだけの領域みたい。
光害地からの撮影はコマ数を稼ぐべしと言いながら最近何も出してないので、ちょうど Nikon Fの50mm標準レンズも使えそうになったことだし、このレンズの画角の絶好の対象、アンタレス付近を120枚撮りした。3等星までしか見えない自宅からは撮れないとずっと思ってたが、やってみるもの。上級は暗いところへ出かけて冷却CCDで20〜30分露光を何コマか撮ってるようだ。個人的には天体を被写体としてより物理的に見たいのだが勉強のほうは進まなくて写真撮りに傾斜。アンタレス近傍は天体写真趣味人に人気の対象。

NGC 4449 Irregular Galaxy 不規則銀河 

NGC 4449 Irregular Galaxy 不規則銀河 高ヒット
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Same equipment as used for NGC 4038/39,
30 subframes of 3 min. exposure at ISO 1600, totaling 1.5 hours of exposure.

NGC 4038/4039 The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus アンテナ銀河 からす座− 衝突する2つの銀河

NGC 4038/4039 The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus アンテナ銀河 からす座− 衝突する2つの銀河高ヒット
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VC200L (Reducer) and self-modified EOS REBEL XSI(450D),
guided by 80mm tube with PHD guiding and Meade DSI PRO II, on Sirius EQ-G
40 lights at ISO1600 and 3 min. Exposure each, totaling 2 hours,
20 darks and 20 lights, stacked with DSS(DeepSkyStacker),
processed with PS CS5 + Carboni Tool, Noise Ninja and FlatAid

VC200L+自己改造EOS KISS X2、ISO1600, 2時間積算露光(3分x40枚)。 自宅 サニーベール、北カリフォルニアよりの撮影 6/3/2013。


M106 高ヒット
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M106 (also known as NGC 4258), north is up.
A spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici
5/12/2013 from Sunnyvale, CA USA
shot with VC200L(with reducer) + Canon EOS XSi (KISS X2), self modified (自己改造).
guided with Orion 400mm FL scope, Meade DSI Pro Color 2 and PHD guiding on Sirius EQ-G,
ISO1600, 3 min. Exp, 55 lights, 20 darks and 20 flats,
total exposure 3 hours  (総露光3時間)

りょうけん座にある渦巻銀河。20'x 8.5' の大きさで8.4 光度の大きな美しい天体だが、あまりポピュラーでない。写真も最外縁が淡くて難しい。右側の天体はNGC 4248。

数時間露光で滑らかになりそうだか、、、、。 Hubble 撮影写真は以下参照。

M97 Owl Nebula NGC 3587 ふくろう星雲

M97 Owl Nebula NGC 3587 ふくろう星雲高ヒット
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5/3/2013 from  Sunnyvale CA USA
VC200L of 1800mm FL with a self modified EOS KISS X2 (XSI  or 450D) with IDAS LPS-P2 filter,
ISO1600 sub exposures of 180 seconds, 20 lights, 10 darks and 10 flats,
processed with PS CS5, Noise Ninja and Olympus Background extraction

Barnard's Loop and the nebulae in the Orion Constellation

Barnard's Loop and the nebulae in the Orion Constellation高ヒット
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Trial shooting to evaluate the performance of semi-narrow band filter,
utilizing IDAS LPF-P2 and Lumicon H-alpha filters.
The cutoff wave length of the Lumicon filter is 635 nm while the cutoff of the infra-red region by LPF-P2
occurs at 685~690 nm. Thus these two filters passes the spectrum of 35nm width.
IDAS LPF-P2 and Lumicon H-alphaを利用したHアルファフィルターの性能テスト 
Kit Zoom lens (35-80mm for film EOS REBEL) at 80mm FL
Session 1: 20 frames with IDAS LPF-P2 at ISO1600, 60 seconds of EOS REBEL T3
Session 2: 10 frames with Lumicon H-alpha filter and LPF-P2 filter at ISO3200, 180 seconds of EOS REBEL T3
20 darks and 20 flats for each session
It appears these two filters combined together can filter out the city lights
to a certain extent, enhancing the contrast of the image.

H-alpha and RGB composite for the M42/NGC1977 image

H-alpha and RGB composite for the M42/NGC1977 image高ヒット
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The shots were made just for testing purpose!
3 min. x 8 frames at ISO3200 for H-alpha (poorman's H-alpha --- Lumicon H-alpha + IDAS LPF P2)
2 min. x 3 frames (IDAS only)
same Sigma zomm (150-500mm) at 500mm.
Regardng H-alpha and RGB composite,
please refer to the method of 80/20/20 by Neil Heacock.

M42 Great Orion Nebula and NGC1977 Running Man Nebula

M42 Great Orion Nebula and NGC1977 Running Man Nebula高ヒット
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The Trapezium is seen at the center of M42.
Sigma Telephoto lens 150-500mm at 500mm FL,
with two EOSs, EOS Rebel XSI  and T3, both modded,
0.5,2,4,8 minute exposures (4~8 frames each) at ISO1600 with XSI and Orion  SkyGlow filter and,
2 min. x 25 frames at ISO3200 with EOS Rebel T3 with IDAS LPF P2
Note 8 minutes frames were discarded due to drift.
The processing was not easy due to the difference in the transmission spectra  between the Orion and the IDAS filters.

IC434 馬頭星雲

IC434 馬頭星雲高ヒット
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M77 and NGC1055

M77 and NGC1055高ヒット
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Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula 高ヒット
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光害カットフィルターのみ (ルミコンH−アルファーフィルターは除去)
without the Lumicon H-Alpha filter

NGC2237-9 Rosette Nebula

NGC2237-9 Rosette Nebula高ヒット
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光害カットフィルターと ルミコンH−アルファフィルターの併用
Sigma Telephoto Zoom Lens of 150-500mm FL at 500mm,
Canon EOS Rebel T3, self modded,
ISO3200, Exposure time 2 minutes,
27 lighs, and 20 darks and flats each,
Lumicon H-Alpha filter with IDAS IPS P2 filter, combined together, being used as a semi-narrow band filter.
The transmission wave length is between 635 nm and 680nm , roughly 45nm band width
at the half peak. Note the H-Alpha peak is 656 nm.
Refer to
for LPS P2 and
for Lumicon H-Alpha pass filter (this filter is a low pass filter, not a band pass filter).
The star images were superimposed with the shots (45 seconds exposure frames)
taken without the Lumicon filter


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Shooting this reflection/emission nebula was quite challenging. Dark clouds surround the nebula.
VC200L+Vixen Reducer
Canon EOS T3(KISS X50), self-modded
ISO3200, 2 minutes exposure
59 light frames, 20 dark and flat frames each

IC405 The Flaming Star Nebula

IC405 The Flaming Star Nebula高ヒット
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Emission/Reflection Nebula, being bombarded by the UV light by AE Aurigae,
the brightest star in this photo. AE Aurigae was originated near or
at the Orion M42 and is passing now through IC405.  Refer to:
for detail.
1/15/2013 from Sunnyvale,
Same scopes and EOS Rebel T3 (1100D or Kiss X50)
33 light frames ISO 3200 and 90 seconds Exposure


M33 The Triangulum Galaxy さんかく座銀河

M33 The Triangulum Galaxy さんかく座銀河高ヒット
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1st  day: 5 min. x 9 frames and 3 min. x 5 frames
2nd day: 3min. x25 frames

NGC 281 Pacman Nebula

NGC 281 Pacman Nebula高ヒット
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shooting gadgets are same as for M1

M1 Crab Nebula 6523 light years from Earth

M1 Crab Nebula 6523 light years from Earth高ヒット
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M1 Crab Nebula, only 6,523 light years from Earth, Supernova Remnants (超新星爆発の残骸)
12/31/2012 from Sunnyvale
Vixen VC200L with reducer (combined FL is @1150mm) with EOS Rebel XSI (450D or Kiss X2), self-modified
ISO1600, 3 min.x 15 frames, 10 darks and 10 flats
on Sirius EQ-G, guided with Meade DSI Color Pro with PHD guiding and
controlled with EQMOD, stacked by DSS,
imaged processed by Photoshop CS5, Noise Ninja

IC1805 and 1848

IC1805 and 1848高ヒット
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Cassiopea Region

Cassiopea Region高ヒット
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Double Cluster NGC844 and 869 (mosaicked)
IC 1805 Heart Nebula and a part of IC 1848 Soul Nebula
EOS Rebel T3, 150mm FL, 30 second Exp.
40 light frames

M31 Andromeda Galaxy

M31 Andromeda Galaxy高ヒット
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M31 Andromeda Galaxy
EOS T3 self modded
500mm FL Sigma Zoom
ISO3200 90 seconds Exp.
30 lighs
9/26/2014 reprocessed


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NGC 6946, 9/7/2012 from Sunnyvale CA USA
Vixen VC200L+Reducer and EOS Rebel T3(EOS KISS X50) self modded (IR/UV filter removed and IDAS LPS-P2 is in the camera)
The scope was aligned and controlled by EQMOD,
guided with a self-modified TASCO scope and Meade DSP PRO II color CCD camera.
ISO3200、exposure 90 seconds per frame
Light 50, dark 40 and flat 20 frames,
are stacked with DeepSkyStacker,
post processed with Photoshop CS5 and Noise Ninja

NGC 6946(also known as the Fireworks Galaxy, Arp 29, and Caldwell 12), is an intermediate spiral galaxy about 65 million light-years away, in the constellations Cepheus and Cygnus. NGC 6946 is highly obscured by interstellar matter of the Milky Way galaxy, as it is quite close to the galactic plane. Nine supernovae (SN 1917A, SN 1939C, SN 1948B, SN 1968D, SN 1969P, SN 1980K, SN 2002hh, SN 2004et, and SN 2008S) have been observed in NGC 6946. - from Wikipedia

天の川円盤の上縁にあり, ケフェウス座アルファー星近く。

NGC5907 Edge-on Galaxy エッジ・オン 銀河

NGC5907 Edge-on Galaxy エッジ・オン 銀河高ヒット
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IC5070 Pelican Nebula ペリカン星雲

IC5070 Pelican Nebula ペリカン星雲高ヒット
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VC200L + Reducerwith modded EOS Rebel T5(KISS X50)
ISO3200 and 90 second exposure
Around 50 frames are stacked.

NGC7000 North American Nebula 北アメリカ星雲

NGC7000 North American Nebula 北アメリカ星雲 高ヒット
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150mm FL of Sigma Zoom Lens (150−500mm)
40 frames stacked.


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located at 1.4 degrees east of Lagoon Nebula

M109 Barred Spiral Galaxy 棒状渦巻き銀河

M109 Barred Spiral Galaxy 棒状渦巻き銀河高ヒット
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From Sunnyvale CA  (Silicon Valley)
VC200L with Vixen Reducer (combined FL= @1260mm) and with EOS Rebel T3, IR-modified, on Sirius EQ-G mount, controlled by EQMOD. Guided with modified Tasco refractor, Meade DSI Pro camera and PHD guiding. The total exposure is 1-1/2 hour.
At ISO3200 and Exposure of 90 seconds, 60 light frames were shot on July 10th and 11th. 40 and 40 shots were taken for dark and flat frames, stacked by DeepSkyStacker.


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from Sunnyvale CA  (Silicon Valley) on 4/29/2012
with Vixen VC200L with the Reducer
on Orion Sirius EQ-G mount

M51 - with Modded EOS T3 (KISS X50) DIY改造

M51 - with Modded EOS T3 (KISS X50) DIY改造高ヒット
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40 lights, 40 darks and 40 flats at 90 second exposure and ISO3200.
VC200L and the IR Modified T3
on Sirius EQ-G, guided by a modified Tasco and
PHD guiding, controlled by EQMOD,
stacked with DeepSkyStacker,
retouched with Photoshop CS5, Olympus Background Subtraction Toolkit
Reprocessed on 4/5/2014


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Shots from Sunnyvale CA  (Silicon Valley) on 5/1 and 5/11 in 2012,
with Vixen VC200L and its Reducer,
on Orion Sirius EQ-G mount,
guided by self modified Tasco refractor (500mm FL) and Meade DSI Pro 2, bu using PHD (software)
80 lights 70 darks and 30 flats at ISO3200 and 75 second exposure for the subframes,
process with DeepSkyStacker, Phtoshop CS5, Noise Ninja and Olympus Background Extraction
retouched on 3/15/2015

M81 and M82

M81 and M82高ヒット
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from Sunnyvale CA  (Silicon Valley) on 4/29/2012
with Vixen VC200L with the Reducer
on Orion Sirius EQ-G mount,
guided by self modified Tasco refractor (500mm) and Meade DSI Pro 2
20 lights 20 darks and 10 flats
process with DeepSkyStacker, Phtoshop CS5, Noise Ninja and Olympus Background Extraction

Center Area of M42

Center Area of M42高ヒット
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3600mm FL using VC200L + 2X Extender (Sigma)
Single shot at ISO3200 and 2 minutes exposure

M45 Pleiades Star Cluster プレアデス散開星団 スバル

M45 Pleiades Star Cluster プレアデス散開星団 スバル高ヒット
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Reprocessed on 11/28/2011
Sigma 150-500mm Zoom Lens
ISO3200 ExpTime 45 seconds
10 lights, 10 darks, 10 flats
updated with the photos taken at
ISO3200, 2min. exposure, 20 lights, 20 darks, 10 flats on 12/24/2011

Horsehead and Great Orion Nebulae (IC434 and M42) 馬頭星雲と大オリオン星雲

Horsehead and Great Orion Nebulae (IC434 and M42) 馬頭星雲と大オリオン星雲高ヒット
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Location: Sunnyvale CA USA
Date: 02/02/2011
M78 is seen at the top left corner.
SigmaZoom 150-500mm at 150mm with Canon EOS T1i (Kiss X3), ISO3200, 75 seconds, 10lights, 10 dark and 10 flats,
updated with the stack of the shot on 12/24/2011 with 20 lights, 20 darks and 10 flats at the same exposure time.


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NGC7662 The Blue Snowball

NGC7662 The Blue Snowball高ヒット
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Planetary Nebula, the Blue Snowball,
shot with VC200L at 3600mm FL by using
2X extender of Sigma, made for Canon EF lens.
ISO3200, 45 second exposures.
10 lights, 10 darks and 10 flats.
New shooting


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NGC7331 was challenging to shoot from Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley.
ISO1600 5x5min. 20x3min.
ISO3200 30x2min., totaling about 2 and half hours exposure and corresponding dark frames.
The third day, 12/1/2011, was quite windy, having distorted the star shapes.  
The equipment was same as before.

NGC253 Silver Coin Galaxy

NGC253 Silver Coin Galaxy高ヒット
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Shot from Sunnyvale CA, Silicon Valley, light-polluted.
Shooting gadgets are same as NGC6960(Veil Nebula)'s.
Clip-in type IDAS LPS P2 filter is used.
ISO1600, 12 subs of 180 seconds + 6 subs of 240 seconds exposures.
One of unprocessed frames (180 sec. exps.) :

NGC6960 Supernova Remnants

NGC6960 Supernova Remnants高ヒット
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Vixen VC200L+Reducer (1280mm FL), Canon EOS T1i, not modified. with Orion Skyglow filter
ISO1600, 300 seconds, 19 lights,16 dark, 11 flats,
guided by a Modified Tasco refractor (60mm Dia 500mm FL) and Meade DSI 2 C CCD and PHD,
mounted on Sirius EQ-G controlled by ASEQMOD, stacked with DSS and processed with Photoshop CS5.  Location: Light Polluted Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale CA USA


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Edge on Galaxy, guessed as M102, which has been missing on the catalogue.
photo, taked on 9/26/2011
in Sunnyvale, CA

NGC 7293 Helix Nebula  らせん星雲

NGC 7293 Helix Nebula  らせん星雲高ヒット
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VC200L with Reducer and LP filter,
taken from Sunnyvlae CA USA


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photographed on 8/31/2011
in Sunnyvale
same VC200L and EOS T1i

Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy M101 9/25/2011, 超新星、M101回転花火銀河に出現

Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy M101 9/25/2011, 超新星、M101回転花火銀河に出現高ヒット
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photographed on 9/18/2011

M101 Pin Wheel Galaxy 回転花火銀河

M101 Pin Wheel Galaxy 回転花火銀河高ヒット
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Vixen VC200l+EOS KISS X3 (T1i)
HEQ5PRO(Orion Sirius EQ-G)
With ASEQMOD, alignment and tracking
ISO3200 1min Exposure、10 lights,10 flats, 10 darks
Software: DeepSkyStacker, Digital Photo Professional(Canon) Photoshop CS5, Noise Ninja

No guiding

M16 Eagle Nebula  わし星雲

M16 Eagle Nebula わし星雲高ヒット
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Vixen VC200l+EOS KISS X3 (T1i)
HEQ5PRO(Orion Sirius EQ-G)
With ASEQMOD, alignment and tracking
ISO3200 1min Exposure、10 lights,10 flats, 10 darks
Software: DeepSkyStacker, Digital Photo Professional(Canon) Photoshop CS5, Noise Ninja

Guiding: Sigma Zoom as guide scope, Meade DSI 2 Color CCD Camera with PHD

M57 Ring nebula 環状星雲

M57 Ring nebula 環状星雲高ヒット
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M63 Sun Flower Galaxy ひまわり銀河

M63 Sun Flower Galaxy ひまわり銀河 高ヒット
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VC200L + Canon EOS T1i(KISS X3)- no modification
ISO3200 45 second exposure
16 lights, 20 darks and 10 flats
Guide: Sigma Zoom 500-150 at 500mm, Meade DSI 2 Color CCD,
using PHD
Mount: HEQ5 PRO, using EQMOD
Stacked with DSS and imaged-processed with Photoshop CS5 
8/1/2011 Sunnyvale CA
No reducer and no filter, レデューサーなし、フィルターなし
Reprocessed on 2/28/2015

M8 Lagoon Nebula 干潟星雲

M8 Lagoon Nebula 干潟星雲高ヒット
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image update taken on 7/xx/2011 at a Santa Cruz Mountain area

ISO3200 66 seconds exposure
4 lights, 4 darks and 10 flats

M99 Galaxy

M99 Galaxy高ヒット
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Leo Trio

Leo Trio高ヒット
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Horsehead Nebula 馬頭星雲

Horsehead Nebula 馬頭星雲高ヒット
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NGC2237 Rosette Nebula ばら星雲 

NGC2237 Rosette Nebula ばら星雲 高ヒット
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Same Sigma zoom lens at 500mm FL with Orion SkyGlow(LPF) filter
same Canon (not modded), at ISO6400, 45 second exposure,
without guiding. 10 lights, 10 darks and 10 flats.

The Rosette Nebula (also known as Caldwell 49) is a large, circular H II region located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The open cluster NGC 2244 (Caldwell 50) is closely associated with the nebulosity, the stars of the cluster having been formed from the nebula's matter.

The complex has the following NGC designations:

NGC 2237 – Part of the nebulous region (Also used to denote whole nebula)
NGC 2238 – Part of the nebulous region
NGC 2239 – Part of the nebulous region (Discovered by John Herschel)
NGC 2244 – The open cluster within the nebula (Discovered by John Flamsteed in 1690)
NGC 2246 – Part of the nebulous region

散光星雲で、冬の天の川の中、いっかくじゅう座12番星を中心とする散開星団NGC2244の周囲に広がっている。肉眼で見ることはできないが、望遠鏡に干渉フィルターを用いることで視認することができる。 写真に写すと真紅のバラの花飾り(ロゼット)のような姿に見えることからばら星雲とよばれている。

Photo of Sigma Zoom 150-500mm Lens

Photo of Sigma Zoom 150-500mm Lens高ヒット
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